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Author:   Acid House

Country:   Russia

Date of addition: 18.01.2012

And we walked, singed and went along our route.
We opened the door, even there was no  entrance– WE WENT AFIRE!!!
“Stinker” Alice

It was the very “hard” time. We traveled in tree hundred tons rake with the murderous intensity  under the rave of heavy guitars  and  volleys of all drum instruments. It was seemed that choice has been already made, choice for the benefit of that crazy life, which will be brightly and strongly every day and will never extinguish. Drus and I were sixteen years old. Nobody thinks that it is possible to burn alive…


Sitting on the concrete stars of “Vector”, I smoked and looked after a dog, which rummaged n the pile of  rotten vegetables and different garbage. Dog was shabby with abominable side wound. It together with pile of this litter is excellently inserted into our space: scuffed walls of brick houses around, the windows of first floors, which were batten and concerted. Also there was the sound of songs from  “Disco Dancer” together with cusswords, blood-curdling outcries of prostie, who was thrashed by professional “hootcher” Lemar  (judging by the second voice). Taking into account that how he hootched, it was very interesting we Lemar gets mental forces for bitches. He was very mysterious personage…

- Why do you fag, brute?! (glass ring).
- Are you going nuts? I don’t agree to AIDS suffered!.. (ring, ring, ring of glass, glass, glass. Thumps. It is seemed that she spited out tooth.)

Something likes this situation takes place in the flat of Lemar every day. When there was silent, it gives the willies. Listening with delight the Indian songs, I take no notice of that there is Drus near me.

- What? Are you meditating? Hello!
- Oh! Hello, hello. I listen to…. Are you hearing? Lemar presents the concert with orchestra.
- Let’s go. Everybody is waiting for us,- Most has called just now.
- Hey, let’s go ...

Going toward narrow passage between houses I repeatedly have looked at a dog.


Everything was ready for out visit. It was testified by 15 empty bottles of “Russkaya Demidrolova”, however, they were accurately set in the corner entrance hall. Slayer rumbled that meant that the total amount of filled bottles of “Demidrol” was at least thirty.

- What was happened? – said Most, emerging form hall. – How long shall we wait?
- Everything is okay. One moment.

Most, as Lemar, also was very mysterious person. He was twenty six years old, but he seems as person of thirty three age, plus all his preaches, small beard, moustache and long hair down to shoulder...But many people, including me and Drus. Belive him.

Through turbid smokescreen we go to the hall. Picture was great: two tens of people wrapped into the skin sit on the dirty matrasses around the huge inverted wooden box on which there were a lot of bottles with available “solution”, cans completely filled with skags, broken glass, Hammer magazines and a lot of different habitual stuff. Everything around us was filled with rave of heavy metal.

When I with Drus and Most finished the third bottle, I have remembered that yesterday during the concert Most said about any new levels, to which I with Drus could transfer. And I cried to the ear of Most:

- Most! What dis you say about new levels yesterday?
- What levels do you mean?
- But, yesterday in “Vector ”  after concert... You promised to show anything else.
- Oh... I understand what you mean ... Let’s go!

I gave Drus a poke in the ribs and we together with Most Gooroo came into the next room, where was the red light, in the middle of the room we saw low steel table and  backless stool. Most closed the door and went to the far wall, where it was small vitrine with broken mirror. He opened the door and got small rag wrapping. Then he came to the table, unfolded patch and started to lay out the syringes, straps, spoons.

We were only sixteen years old...


One and half month later I was in the hospital, when I have known what was happened with Drus and Most. Most, to whom we so sacredly believed, has run away when it was happened with us. He was found after three days on the other side of town in the waste dump, somebody has put knife in his liver and than outraged him, when he was already dead. Drus... Drus has hollowed out his teeth by the edge of those steel table in the room with red lamp, ingested them and  strangled himself by strap. If the neighbors did not call  police due to the loud music… Finely, there also was ambulance, which got me to the hospital...

Now, I am twenty one years old. I will never be able to walk. Five years ago we buried Andrei - Drus, my friend, with whom we have grown, played in the group, listened to the same music, studied in one school    ...

His mother sometime calls me and asks, if I saw Andrei today.

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