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Dealing with my boyfriend's addiction

Dealing with my boyfriend's addiction

Author:   Anonymous

Country:   Мальдивы

Date of addition: 09.07.2012

I started dating my boyfriend about a year and three months ago. When we first met he was everything I could have asked for, we were perfect for each other.

Then everything started changing before my eyes. I tried to look the other way when he snuck around with drugs. I had a "see nothing, know nothing" approach. I didn't want to know about what he does when he's not with me. I made the biggest mistake, I should have caught him early on...

After about 5 months of being with him, he told me that he snorts oxycodone like once a week. At first I was like okay whatever, but I had no idea it was a bigger issue than that. His friends tried telling me that he was addicted to opana's but every time I brought it up he flipped. He would tell me if he was doing opanas he would come home from work and pass out, that he wouldn't be able to function. He would tell me I am stupid and have no idea what I am talking about.

It was true, I had NO idea at all. I am so naive when it comes to drugs. I smoke weed, and drink occasionally, but I do not mess around with abusing drugs.

After questioning him often for about 7 months, my ex bf, who is his "boy" came out and was like your bf is addicted to opanas. As much as I didn't want to hear it again, or deal with it, this was my proof. I knew I was going to have no effect on helping him stop, so I had to do the hardest thing in the world...I had to tell his mother, so that she could help me and her son.

Still he didn't stop. It was not until he stole $1500 from my savings account. It was then that he realized he needed help, along with the fact that opanas could no longer be snorted because FDA changed them.

On our one year anniversary he finally got into a clinic. He talked his friend who was also addicted into treatment. That friend of his had OD 4 times before getting into treatment.

I was there one of the times and it was the scariest thing ever. I had to call 911 as I'm watching him droop sideways off of a chair and his eyes rolled back into his head. Everyone told me to leave him, his mom even told me to run as fast as I could. But how am I supposed to leave the man I love when he is by far at his lowest point in his life.

He owes me the world, honestly, but I chose to stay by his side. I just really want him to be sober. I am strong and so fragile at the same time. I am very sensitive, but I am strong enough to stay with him and help him however possible. 

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