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Maintenence Addictions Suck.

Maintenence Addictions Suck.

Author:   fedup724

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 25.07.2012


I'm a recovering addict. I used any pain pill I could get ahold of,and sometimes snorted heroin. Never shot up, I was too chicken **** to go that far. Mostly vicodin and oxys,I'm a troubled girl,so taking meds kinda took the pain away. My ex and I were together for 11 years,and he ended up moving out of state,leaving me alone with 2 small kids. Yes,its the reason I started, pain pills was my new best friend after he left. I was so depressed,I couldn't force myself to get out of bed in the morning. The pills gave me "energy". Enough to wanna cook dinner,play with my kids,clean house and go to work. Then started adderall plus the pain meds. I had friends and family always looking for more. I couldn't run out. After doing them for about 5 years,I had to take them just to feel normal. Maintenence addiction..yuk! Anyways,I said enough is enough. I have two kids to raise,I can't do this anymore. I was spending bill money on meds. Finally, i found a suboxone dr that (thank God) took my insurance about 3 years back. Been on it ever since. So even though its trading one addiction for another,I get them prescribed..can't run out and freak out looking for more. It's a slow taper,obviously. Guess it depends on how life is going for me,my Dr only tapers when I'm comfortablewith it. Love my Dr. Some people still judge me,but I made a choice,and as long as I'm on subs,I can't use. It makes me feel a little better,although I'm put down for it constantly. One thing I know for sure..everyone has some sort of addiction..u give one up,u get another..

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