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Im A 15 Year Old Recovering Drug Addict

Im A 15 Year Old Recovering Drug Addict

Author:   Harley

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 23.07.2012

Hey My Names Harley I'm 15!

I Have Been 4 Days Clean!
When I Started Using Drugs I Did It For Fun Well I Got Addicted. I Have Stole, Lied,Sold Things That Wasn't Mine. I Drained My Family Out!

I Dr oped Outta School In 2010! Ha vent Been Back. I Have Done Every Drug You Can Think Of! I Lost Alto Of My Family Support So Now I'm Fighting This Hard Battle By Myself And Some Of My Really Close Friends! Please Dint Ever Start Using Drugs It Changes Your Life! If I could I would change it all but i cant so i got to change the future! I applied For School Again I Have A Job Interview ! I'm Getting My permit! I'm very Proud Of Myself! For Any Teenagers Out There Using Drugs Please Stop Before Its To Late And You Loose Everything! It Took Me Loose My Best Friend Of 5 Years To Come Off Drugs! I Have Lost Family Spend Over 5,000$ On Drugs! So Please Please Stop While You Can!

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