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Does one need such a mother?

Does one need such a mother?

Author:   Admin

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 20.06.2012


I would like to present you a real but sad story, which, unfortunately, is not an individual case.

A scampish girl who is only 18 years old lives in next apartment. Her child is 4 years old. The girl's name is Victoria, her daughter's name is Angelica. Regrettably, but Victoria is a heavy heroin addict, she earns for a dose by prostitution and she doesn't even think of quitting drugs. Men come to her two-bedroom flat in a Stalin building every day. But it's a trifle compared with the fact that she thinks it's normal to beat her little daughter severely, sometimes even forgetting to feed the little child.

But for the help of the neighbors, Angelica, would probably have died of starvation. Once there was a case which, unfortunately, is a very illustratory example. Angelica was sitting on a bench near the entrance hall crying, her face covered with blood. After her neighbours warmed uo and comforted the child, they found out that her mother had had a withdrawal, and when her daughter asked to give her something to eat, in response, Victoria scratched her daughter's face until it was covered with blood. It took about a month for her to be healed. When people who cared about the little girl asked questions, the drug addict mother used to say that she loved her daughter to distraction and scratched her face because her nerves snapped there, so she freaked out, and she cried to stir to pity.

After a while, the little girl faced another, even more terrible act of her mother.  Being in drug euphoria, Victoria threw her daughter out of the window of the fourth floor. Thank God, the child survived. All her front teeth were knocked out, she received an open head and brain injury and cerebral concussion. Angelica was taken to hospital for treatment, where her mother never showed up.

Victoria came from a problem family: her parents were heavy alcoholics, they poisoned themselves with fake vodka and died. Victoria got pregnant at the age of 14, without even knowing whose child she bore, and she took up quarters with her grandmother who was also an alcoholic. It was then that she became a prostitute to get money to buy a dope.

Today, Victoria is deprived of parental rights because her behavior is a direct threat to her child's life. Angelica lives in an orphanage and hates her neighbors, who separated her from her beloved mother.

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