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Date of addition: 03.07.2012


I had a dream to be such a person as my friends, especially like some of the guys in the class, sitting at the back desks at school. They always had such good times: no homework, they were never called to the blackboard, and spent their time in the streets as much as they liked. From them I learned about the drug euphoria and I thought it would make me free and somehow I will resemble those guys.

Approximately at the age 14, I was fed up with my parents' nagging, so finally I decided to leave home. A month later, without asking my parents I went to college. Later, just placed them before the accomplished fact that I was going to live separately.

I took a big breath of freedom ... And that was it ... Booze, cigarettes, friends. This behavior has led to the fact that I was raped. After that I began to flirt with all the men in order to avenge them. One day, my so-called "boyfriend" asked me to smoke with him. He said that it was a drug, and I happily decided to try it, without knowing the consequences. Sooner smoking pot was a  usual thing for us, since we were smoking it everywhere. More and more often I was thinking to get injected. Like I was crazy. I was already shaking from the desire to try it when I saw someone taking the dose.

And once a man who sells grass, offered me to get injected. I, of course, agreed. The buzz gave me the world in a different color. I was so stupid, I thought I would try just once. Oh, how wrong I was ...

Then it was even worse. For the dose I started selling marijuana. Parents found out about everything and took me home, but not for long. I escaped. I was treated in various ways, but I really didn't want to stop using drugs. I liked my lifestyle. Friends sometimes used to say that I will become a drug addict and die by the fence ...Contrary, I didn't think so.

Soon I needed money so badly. I started stealing and even provided sexual services. I started making a homemade drug, it stinked in the whole staircase. When the addicts broke the door of my apartment, it was clear to all neighbors who was a drug addict at the stairwell.

Eighteen months later I began to feel strange things. From the small black holes in the apartment crawled strange bugs. When friends say one thing - I also heard that they wanted to kill me. Later on my parents found out that their daughter was getting crazy. To getaway, we moved to another country, where I found a boyfriend - a former drug addict. I was surprised to hear his stories, I could not understand how he could hold at least a day without drugs. The main thing that he said was to recognize your own weakness and ask for help. What, I actually did.

Now I successfully got married and gave birth to a son. I am grateful to the man that brought me to the right path.

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