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Yashka's first love...

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Yasha was an ordinary guy from an ordinary family. He wasn’t an excellent student, neither he was a loser at high school. He was no conjurer. His future was predetermined at the moment of his birth and there was no need to reach for the sky. "You will be a builder, just like me", his alcoholic father used to repeat now and then. That’s why Yashka never reached for the sky. He spent his childhood in yards of tower-blocks. A couple of times he tried to go in for football, but it didn’t work out. He dreamed of an expensive car, realizing that he could never afford it.

At the age of sixteen, he shared the "doob" with the courtyard boys for the first time. At the age of seventeen, he fell in love with the girl next door Aliona. A relationship with a neighbor-girl was hot. Tempers ran high. Aliona had a tough character. And Yasha also had a quick  temper. Periodically he used to beat his sweetheart, then followed huge bouquets of camomiles, chocolates and other pleasant little things. They both liked such "happiness". They spent together November evenings, sitting in a children’s’ sandbox among local punks, the lovers dreamed of their wedding, they chose names for their future children, and they were going to die on the same day.

After the high school Yashka was called up for military service. Aliona tearfully swore to write him letters. She used to write lugubrious letters telling him how much she missed him and waited for him for two years and then a little bit more. But Yashka returned to Alena quite different. He was like a weird stranger.

The rumors said that Yasha began to use drugs when he was in the army. Local pushers liked that news. Yashka dragged everything he could out of his house to sell for a dose. For nearly six months Aliona tearfully begged him to quit drugs. Yasha didn't answer. Aliona gave up. Finally she decided that she was worth much more tan this, so she packed up and left for Moscow. Life in the capital forced her to erase all the memories of the past including Yasha. First, she worked as a sales girl at a market, then she set up a small shop. Her earnings grew. She earned enough to buy a new car, expensive clothes. Then she met a man and gave birth to their daughter. But soon the man disappeared, leaving her with a daughter.

In late August, almost five years later, Aliona came to visit her parents. Approaching the house, she met Yasha. He was sitting on a bench at the entrance hallway.

He was unrecognizable. He was down and out. He didn't look like Yasha, he was a homeless man. It was disgusting. How could she even hang out with him? Being young is not an argument. She turned away in disgust ...

Her mom said that sometimes she met Yasha there. His parents ran away a couple of years before. They left their apartment to Yasha and moved to countryside, keeping away from people and from their son. Some pushers had been living in his apartment, as for Yasha, he wandered here and there in riser blocks of flats. And when the mother and daughter began drinking tea with sweets brought from Moscow, the talk about Yasha dissolved in a warm cup of tea with lemon.

A stroke, and then another stroke. Aliona felt a warm trickle of blood running across her chin. She felt dizzy.

The young girl felt like she fell into a ditch... She was sitting by the window, her right hand chained to a radiator with handcuffs. The whole body ached, lower back sore badly. It seems like someone had raped her. Yes. But who? And where was she?

Two weeks later Aliona's body was found in Yasha's former apartment. It wasYasha who brought her there. At first he wanted just to rob her, to take her money and jewelery to buy drugs. But when he saw the immobilized body in the hallway, he felt terrible resentment and jealousy. He was jealous of Aliona's present, of her expensive bag and of a new car.

He told the pushers that she was his sister who had left him as well as his parents. The pushers for some reason never doubted it. For two weeks they mercilessly abused the girl, raping and beating her now and again. For two weeks Aliona laid in puddles of her own blood, urine and feces. No one was going to clean up after her, and she could not even get up.

All this time, her relatives and police had been scanning the city searching the girl, until Yasha accidentally told  a policemen: “Are you looking for the Moscow pussy? She is... at my home".

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