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A Serbian clergyman beat a drug user to death

A Serbian clergyman beat a drug user to death

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Country:   United States

Date of addition: 10.08.2012


Serbian police arrested Archpriest Branislav Peranović accused of the murder of Neboijsa Zarubac, a drug addict treated in the local rehabilitation center. The corpse was found in two km from the rehabilitation center. The investigators believe that the patient had left the center on weekend. When he came back, Peranović suspected him of drug use. During the quarrel, the priest several times hit Zarubac with a stick. The blows were fatal.

After the incident, reverend Branislav Peranović called the police. When policemen came, they arrested all priests working at the rehabilitation center. After that the culprit withheld evidence.

  It’s interesting that Branislav Peranović became widely known three years ago when a video showing him beating a patient with a shovel to make him give up drugs emerged in Internet. The video was shot in 2007. That time, in spite of the critics on the part of mass media and human right activists, his former patients backed him insisting that only methods like that made them stop using drugs. Peranović, in his turn, insisted that corporal punishments were used only in extraordinary circumstances when patients outraged the center’s regime and flaunted its regulations, e.g. tried to smuggle drugs into the territory of the center. Even that time, the priest rejected claims to stop using such methods. 

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